Search and replace using regex in Visual Studio Code

Sometimes I convert HTML pages extracted from websites to Markdown using Pandoc. Here is an example using this command:

pandoc -s -r html -o

The problem is that it often generates extra information following the pattern

[interesting text that
I want
to keep]{uninteresting parameters extracted from HTML that I want to delete}

for example:

[Any CS educator has to explain sooner or later a portion of code or a
structured text to learners. The Codecast tool has been specially
designed by CS educators and developed for MOOCs to replace
non-interactive screencasts.]{style="font-weight: 400"}

I found an easy way to clean the Markdown using Visual Studio Code “find and replace” feature with regex. Here is the regular expression that I used:


The ^ means beginning of a line. If you want to find this pattern in the middle of lines, just delete it.

The \[ \] means that I want to search something between squared brackets.

The [\s\S\r] means a whitespace character \s (space, tab…) OR a character that is not a whitespace \S (a,b,c…) OR a new line character \r. Note that in Visual Studio Code regex system, the \s does NOT include the new line (even if I would think it’s a whitespace character), that’s why I specifically add the \r.

The (x*?) - here x is the expression just above - asks to capture a group using ( and ) , with the character x appearing zero or more times with * and once or none with ?. Maybe you are lost at this point! Anyway, because we asked for a capture, we will be able to use $1 as a variable containing the captured text!

The \{.*\} means curly braces with something inside - Here I could also use [\s\S\r] instead of .*

Anyway, I then replace with $1 and here is the result, enjoy !

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